penimaster pro review 2019

Penimaster Pro Review 2019 – What results can I expect?

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Review summary:

There is nothing worse than having a small penis. All the embarrisment associated with it is more than most men can handle.
But the good news is that there is sevrel ways to increase your penis size.
The most natural way is called penis traction where you essencially pull your penis longer over time.
You need a device like the PeniMaster Pro to do that, let's see how it performs.
PeniMaster Pro Benefits:

  • Increase your penis length by up to 30%
  • Add extra width to your penis
  • Get stronger erections
  • Avoid premature ejaculation

I recommend PeniMaster Pro

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Many penis extenders have flooded the market over the past few years and while all of them are promoted as the best choices, only a few actually work towards desirable outcome.

One of them is the PeniMaster Pro that you can read all about in this review.

Others are simply cheap devices that do not lead to any size gains and some are too painful to wear.

However, this does not mean that all penis expenders are scams; there are some top-quality devices that will as some serious size to your penis.

PeniMaster Pro gains

penimaster pro gains

All the gains are an average of over 100 customers who all have used the extender for atleast 6 months.


What is a PeniMaster Pro?

Men have always had most of their thoughts, sexually, centered on one of the most important parts of the male human anatomy, the penis.

Its size and girth have been a particular cause of constant consternation among many men who have the perception, whether real or imagined that their penile organ is too small.

There are a number of penile enlargement pills and tools that have been touted as solutions to the problem, but so far, none comes close to the amazing results achieved by the PeniMaster Pro penile enlargement product.

According to a comprehensive PeniMaster pro review, the product is superior, easy to use, can be worn inconspicuously and most of all, is quite effective in elongating the penis.

How does it work?

Like many other penis extenders in the market, PeniMaster pro works through the simple mechanism of exerting prolonged traction pressure on your penis.


The design features a small ball pump which is squeezed before attaching to the glans chamber. The chamber creates vacuum which causes slight suction on the penis. If you are uncomfortable with the ball pump, you can alternatively use a hose that is attached to the glans chamber.

You then use your mouth to such on the hose and create a vacuum. Most people prefer the hose as you can create more vacuum thus apply more outward tension on the penis. All you need to do is slid/fit the tip/head of your penis inside the glans chamber and then begin exerting the tension you want.


Practical and Functional Design
The PeniMaster Pro has been designed with the male penile anatomy and physiological functions are the primary basis for the construct of the superior and innovative product.

The basic variant of the PeniMaster Pro basically connects to the glans penis in an anatomical self-adjusting fashion. It elongates the penis through the provision of proper physiological fixation of the glans penis through the use of pulling force generators. It increases the length of the penis by exerting a tension, directed outwards constantly over a set period of time.


It has both a rod and belt expander system which serves to generally increase the size of the penile organ. The rod expander PeniMaster Pro is axially symmetric and the penis can be elongated in a downward, upward or diagonal fashion inconspicuously, even under the clothing.

The PeniMaster Pro also has a belt expander variant which uses a hip, shoulder or knee belt to generate pulling forces that train the penile tissue by elongation.

Adaptability and Flexibility

The PeniMaster pro has been designed to fit all shapes and sizes of penile organs. It can also be used by circumcised or uncircumcised users with relative ease. A PeniMaster Pro review has found that the product can be used by over 95% of male subjects in a sample cohort with relative ease.

Comfort and Ease of Use

The basic PeniMaster Pro is fitted comfortably over the glans penis and does not crush the same as it adapts to the organ. The belt expander system can be worn with relative ease and according to a detailed PeniMaster Pro review, it does not interfere with the user’s everyday activities.


The PeniMaster pro can easily be attached by the user’s own efforts and does not require the help of a third-party professional like a urologist. It is quite simple to use and can be attached to the penis in a few minutes. It is quite comfortable when worn and it softly stretches the penis in a gentle manner.

Easy to Clean

The contact points of the PeniMaster Pro product are encapsulated in latex in order to ensure that the highest hygienic standards of the product are maintained.

Belt tension

It has a belt tension and an extender which is equipped with extension bars. The belt is attached to the waist and the other end is attached to the glans chamber. It has a ball pump which is squeezed to create a vacuum.

It has a hose which you can choose to use instead of the ball pump. It has a glans chamber which can be attached to the hose or the ball pump so that the vacuum can be created. It comes with the full kit which includes the belt and vacuum.


PeniMaster Pro Extender being a German made product you are assured of it being of high quality unlike other products that are in the market. This penis extender has a combination of devices that makes it comfortable for the user and the results are received within a short time. It not only increases the length but also the girth hence the user gets to enjoy two benefits at the same time.

The PeniMaster glans chamber does not cut off circulation of blood to the penis and the user is assured that his penis will not be suffocated during the processes. The user is assured that there will be no slipping out of the penis and comfort when using the device this is because the strap and the noose will help to prevent that.

The user is given the freedom to choose whether they want to use the traditional extension bar or the belt system. Therefor one can choose the method that best suits them. This is an option that is not found in many penis extension systems.

The penis will undergo tear and stretching which will lead to yielding results. If you stop using the penis extender the results will still be seen and you do not have to use it for the rest of your life since it has permanent results. It can be used as remedy of for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It can be used with anyone regardless of their penis size.

How do I use it?


  • Once you have the tip of your penis safely in the glans chamber, you can opt for the belt system or classic weight bars to further increase tension.
  • For the belt system, all you need to do is attach the end of the glans chamber to the belt which is strapped on the lower thigh or swung around the shoulder.
  • For the classic bars, simply attach the solid bars on the end of the glans chamber to add more downward tension.The only apparent concern of PeniMaster pro is the price. It is considered on the high end of cost when compared to other reputable penis extenders.

Customer reviews and ratings

Based on a comprehensive and detailed PeniMaster Pro review, the product has been highly rated and is one of the best penis extenders that are currently available in the market.

One particularly satisfied customer, S. Pete, says the product is effective and highly recommends it. When he started out, his erect penis had a length of 5.4 inches and after using the PeniMaster for about 500 hours, his erect penis was 6.5 inches long. He says the effects are permanent and have definitely improved his sex life, without any harmful side effects.

P. Wood, another clearly satisfied customer says he has owned 10 different penis extenders and the PeniMaster Pro is the most comfortable and effective. He says it has increased the length of his flaccid and erect penis and he can wear it for hours on end, without any discomfort. He strongly recommends using the PeniMaster Pro as it is a highly effective product that is great value for money.

Final Verdict

PeniMaster pro delivers the results you need including 2 inches in 6 months, 10% girth increase and long-lasting erections. It is definitely one of the best you will find.


4 thoughts on “Penimaster Pro Review 2019 – What results can I expect?”

  1. Hey
    I got mine a few weeks ago and the results are pretty good so far.
    My goal is to get from 14 cm. to 18 cm. in the next 10 months, do you think it’s possible?

    1. Hi
      Well done on your purchase! You will not get disappointed by the performance of the PeniMaster Pro.
      Going from 14 cm to 18 cm is an increase of around 28.5% in 10 months which is within the realm of realistic gains.

      Best regards

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