SizeGenetics Review

Penis enlargement is something that gets a majority of men interested, however very few of them are willing to talk about it openly. The fear of being ridiculed keeps many men away from the discussion as what are the best methods to use for penis enlargement. In the background of this scenario the following write up aims to discuss issues on penis enlargement using one of the most significant methods in the market. A regular use of sizegenetics has shown great results in almost 80% of men that have tried the product.

Sizegenetics uses an amazingly patented sixteen comfort system which is designed to fit different types of penis sizes and shapes. You do not have to worry whether your penis long or short, fat or thin, wide or slim, the sizegenetics system fits in a way that offers the best comfort for your penis.

The treatment method of sizegenetics also includes a variety of exercises that are needed for optimum results. Theses exercise have to performed over a couple of weeks in order to get the desired growth level for your penis.

With the use of sizegenetics you need not go in for any kind of penis enlargement surgery as it is a system and method that is complimented by many expert surgeons around the globe.

The sizegenetics device is made of material that is of high quality medical grade and is pretty safe and sound for use. Moreover it has an amazing durability levels to last you for the course of the entire treatment program

Reports from recent studies have shown that men who used sizegenetics have noticed a significant growth in their penis over different time periods. In about two months of time men reported a significant 13% increase in their penis size while those who persisted with it for four months saw their penis grow by atleast 16%. A complete six months of treatment with the use of sizegenetics devices has reported a penis larger by 29% than its original size six months back. Now this is really an outstanding achievement for any penis enlargement program. Moreover the manufacturers of sizegenetics also do offer a complete money back guarantee if one fails to notice any signs of growth in his penis size after six months of use.

However if you are considering just a short term use of the sizegenetics devices then your penis growth may end up being highly inconsistent. One has to use the device as frequently as possible in a week and has to carry on the treatment for months in order to maintain the new penis size.

In all it is an amazing product for those men looking to find a new way of penis enlargement after having been disappointed with various forms of treatment. The sizegenetics device though cannot operate and do wonders on its own. the user has to be serious and willing to dedicate himself to the task of penis enlargement. If you fail to show high dedication levels there are chances that the sizegenetics product which has worked so well for other men may not work for you.

ProExtender Review

Increasing penis size has always been a problem for many men all over the world. The size of the penis translates into the confidence that a man has in their sexual performance. Penis size should not be a problem whatsoever for any man now that there are so many options you can take to enhance the size of the penis. One of the finest and most recommended methods is using the proextender. This device has been in production since the year 1995. Almost twenty years later, the extender remains to be one of the most effective and highly recommended ways of increasing the size of the penis.

What is so special about it?

Everything about the proextender is simply special. The device is pretty straightforward and extremely user friendly. The likelihood that you will injure yourself while using the extender is practically non-existent. This is the primary reason why the extender has received so many positive reviews compared to its competitors. The extender uses an extremely simple principle. What happens when you exercise your bicep? The exact same thing will occur when you exercise your penis. The penis is made up of muscles called corpora cavernosa which are just like any other muscles in the body. If you train these muscles they will increase in size, quite naturally. This is the principle behind the working of the proextender.

Simply attach the device to your penis and you will be good to go. It works relatively slowly and so you should not expect to see spontaneous increase in penis size. A little patience is called for and when the results start appearing you will be impressed. It increases length and girth at the same time. When you attach it to your penis, you will have to extend beyond the actual length of the penis by a few millimeters. The muscles of the penis will eventually be extended as well. They are filled out through cellular multiplication which occurs naturally.

Kiss sexual performance problems goodbye

The procedure might sound a little bit too painful but it is not. Using the extender is almost similar to pulling your penis by the head which is one of the ways of increasing penis size. However, accentuating the size of the penis is not the only service that you will get from this device. It helps in correct physical penile problems. There are men who have the not- so-natural’ curves on their penis. There is the natural penile curve which most men have learnt to live with. Using the extender you can correct any curve that you have on your penis including the natural one.

Straightening the penis makes it appear longer. On top of having a longer and thicker penis, you will be able to experience erections that you barely imagined. The proextender has been shown to help in improving blood flow into the penile muscles. When blood is flowing properly into the muscles, a hard and strong erection is what you will get. This in turn enhances a man’s confidence in his performance. Erectile dysfunction will be extinct as far as you are concerned.

Phallosan Forte review

If you know a thing about the options to increase the size of the penis, then you have heard of penis extenders. These devices have been developed in the early 1990s and they have since got the reputation of being the only safe and efficient way to get an enlarged penis. They are far superior to any other option for doing so and as a result of this, there are a number of different such devices to choose from. However, there is only one that is the right choice and it is Phallosan.


Phallosan works on the same basic principle as all other penis extenders. Your penis gets enlarged through the application of traction. This force leads to the extension of cells inside your organ, ultimately leading to microtears which are then filled out with brand new tissue that gets created in response to these tears. What this results is in is the increase in size that is definitive, noticeable and moreover, permanent.


However, there are also some differences between Phallosan and your run-of-the-mill penis extenders. Unlike the other similar products which rely on stiff and heavy rods to apply the traction, Phallosan does this through employing vacuum and lateral stretching. Namely, you put a protective sheath over the penis, the cap which is then vacuumed out of air and then you connect the tip of the device with the belt that goes around your waist. This way, the penis is to one side and is being stretched without being noticeable by other people.


In addition to being absolutely inconspicuous, there are other benefits of using Phallosan over other penis extenders. For instance, it can be worn during the night as erections will not cause any problems. The product is flexible and allows for erections to occur without any damage being done to the penis. Also, due to the vacuum, your penis is extended in all directions and not just in length. This is why Phallosan is perfect for men who are also looking for girth and not only length.


You need to keep in mind that it will require some time to achieve the results as the stretching needs to be controlled in order not to produce any harmful effects. You will need to wear your v for at least 6 months and using it for at least 6 hours each day. However, due to its specific design, Phallosan can be worn for much longer, giving you the chance to achieve much better results than you would with other penis extenders in the same amount of time.

In short, if it is a bigger penis you are looking for, not just longer but also much thicker, then Phallosan is the only product that you should even consider. It is safe and efficient.


Penimaster Pro Review

Men have always had most of their thoughts, sexually, centered on one of the most important parts of the male human anatomy, the penis. Its size and girth has been a particular cause of constant consternation among many men who have the perception, whether real or imagined that their penile organ is too small. There are a number of penile enlargement pills and tools that have been touted as solutions to the problem, but so far, none comes close to the amazing results achieved by the Penimaster Pro penile enlargement product. According to a comprehensive Penimaster pro review, the product is superior, easy to use, can be worn inconspicuously and most of all, is quite effective in elongating the penis.


Practical and Functional Design

The Penimaster Pro has been designed with the male penile anatomy and physiological functions are the primary basis for the construct of the superior and innovative product. The basic variant of the Penimaster Pro basically connects to the glans penis in an anatomical self adjusting fashion. It elongates the penis through the provision of proper physiological fixation of the glans penis through the use of pulling force generators. It increases the length of the penis by exerting a tension, directed outwards constantly over a set period of time.

It has both a rod and belt expander system which serves to generally increase the size of the penile organ. The rod expander Penimaster Pro is axially symmetric and the penis can be elongated in a downward, upward or diagonal fashion inconspicuously, even under the clothing.

The Penimaster Pro also has a belt expander variant which uses a hip, shoulder or knee belt to generate pulling forces that train the penile tissue by elongation.

Adaptability and Flexibility

The Penimaster pro has been designed to fit all shapes and sizes of penile organs. It can also be used by circumcised or uncircumcised users with relative ease. A Penimaster Pro review has found that the product can be used by over 95% of male subjects in a sample cohort with relative ease.

Comfort and Ease of Use

The basic Penimaster Pro is fitted comfortably over the glans penis and does not crush the same as it adapts to the organ. The belt expander system can be worn with relative ease and according to a detailed Penimaster Pro review, it does not interfere with the users everyday activities.

The Penimaster pro can easily be attached by the users own efforts and does not require the help of a third party professional like an urologist. It is quite simple to use and can be attached to the penis in a few minutes. It is quite comfortable when worn and it softly stretches the penis in a gentle manner.

Easy To Clean

The contact points of the Penimaster Pro product are encapsulated in latex in order to ensure that the highest hygienic standards of the product are maintained.


Based on a comprehensive and detailed Penimaster Pro review, the product has been highly rated and is one of the best penis extenders that are currently available in the market.

One particularly satisfied customer, S.Pete, says the product is effective and highly recommends it. When he started out, his erect penis had a length of 5.4 inches and after using the Penimaster for about 500 hours, his erect penis was 6.5 inches long. He says the effects are permanent and have definitely improved his sex life, without any harmful side effects.

M.Wood, another clearly satisfied customer says he has owned 10 different penis extenders and the Penimaster Pro is the most comfortable and effective. He says it has increased the length of his flaccid and erect penis and he can wear it for hours on end, without any discomfort. He strongly recommends using the Penimaster Pro as it is a highly effective product that is great value for money.


The Penimaster Pro is a superior, innovative and safe product to use to enlarge the overall size of one’s penis. It is quite effective and the use does not interfere with ones everyday activities in any way. It is comfortable and can be worn inconspicuously. A comprehensive Penimaster Pro review has found the product to be a highly rated and recommended penis extender that is a great bargain and is good value for money.

Male Edge Pro review

The Male Edge extender was developed some years back by the same company that created another product named Jes extender over ten years ago. This means that the product’s manufacturer has many years of experience in the manufacturer of men enhancement devices. The Male edge extender is the product that succeeded Jes extender.


  • This product is easier to use hence can be worn for longer periods
  • Comfortable to wear
  • It is more effective as compared to other male enhancement products.

Health Benefits of the Product

  • It increases the width of the penis by more than 10 percent
  • Increases penis length
  • Enables harder and stronger erections
  • The product strengthens curved penises by more than 80 percent in 12 within one year

The comfort of wearing the male edge extender is provided by a pad of foam that wraps around the penis hence cushioning it. This is a soft strap that holds the penis down. The comfort of using his product is also brought about by a layer of cohesive gauze. This device is built based on the basic principle that the body of a human being is natural hence the ability to expand and grow under pressure. That is why when the product is applied on penile tissues, cells in the penis start to divide and grow.

The male edge extender gives its customers an amazing offer of double money back guarantee if the product fails to work with the user. However, you must have used the product for a sufficient period of time for you to get this offer. The buyer is also supposed to register o the product’s official website and take a picture before starting to use the product. The male edge extender has a two-year warranty that is covered by the manufacturer.

The results brought about by this product are permanent and it has proven to work when used consistently.

Jes Extender Review – The original penis extender

First and foremost the item appropriated a wide feedback because of less execution. The item was again re started in the business sector with better characteristics.

Why is it so effective?

This item was much superior to the existing items utilized for expanding the measure of penis.this item was finishing great in the business with a huge number of fulfilled clients.

This item was broadly showcased through out the world. The item was extraordinary idea by an assembly of researcher who discovered a perpetual result this issue.

The most astounding characteristics about this item is that, these Jes Extenders are exceptionally sheltered to be utilized on the penis without any reactions.

No pills needed!

There is no prescription or pills utilized within this medicine, and you can delight in boundless sex joy. One will be loose of every last one of stresses. Numerous marriage lives has been fruitful with the assistance of a Jes Extenders.

One can compose his confirmations about their experience and post it in the web.

There are numerous sites which can offer you online can even post your inquiries and it will be answered with in 24 hours.

The Jes Extender is the most secure item known to the world, the traction best is held solidly and it doesn’t slip. The other shabbier items slip regularly and cause genuine damages.

The frill are made with quality items. There are no skin disturbances while utilizing this item. The best time when you can utilize this item is while resting, additionally you can utilize it when running, strolling or working in the workplace.

The screws are made of uncommon metals which don’t rust, one requirement not be agonized over supplanting of the screws, and they are rust free. One necessity to clean the item after utilization, there is uncommon fluids utilized for cleaning this mechanism.

With the utilization of Jes Extender the trust of men has enhanced in their rooms, they probably won’t discover sex exhausting. The Jes Extender makes the penis longer and stronger; this mechanism likewise helps the blood to stream towards the penis.

Sex might be extremely fun assuming that it is finished with great inclination and fun, all you have to have is an in number and solid some men the penis is contracted which brings about less sex execution, this is called as erectile brokenness. This apparatus could be the best for the medication of such issues.

One jars visit online to know all the more about this item These Jes Extenders are turned out to be magnificent for expanding the span of the penis. A number of the relational unions have turned into a bad dream because of this.

There are no prescriptions for this medication; it is conceivable with the assistance of a Jes Extender. You have to be extremely cautious when you purchase this item, on the grounds that there are numerous fake items accessible in the business sector. Continuously pay special mind to the logo of a crown when you purchase this item