The Problem of Penile Curvature and its Treatment

penis-stretcherMany people suffer from the problems of a curved penis. Penile curvatures are quite a tricky business and this problem is present in many males and is more info common than you can imagine.

It can happen to anyone even when you are below 50 and want to enjoy sex to the fullest. People suffer from penile curvatures even at the age 18. The age just does not matter. It can affect you at any stage of your life.

Accidental injury to the penis can cause this problem. Curvatures, if left untreated, can be real bothersome. Some people have the curve since birth or develop it at puberty when “Johnny starts playing!”

What Exactly Is A Penile Curvature

Penile curvatures are described by the existence of one or more scars/fibrous plaques just along the penis shaft. They are generally present on either the upper or the lower sides of the organ. The resultant angulations can range from 10° – 45°. In some case, the angle is so deep that the penis takes the form of a ‘J’.

This condition, if present, can be a cause of worry as far as intercourse is concerned. It is very difficult to insert a curved penis inside a vagina and women hate curved penises as they cause tremendous discomfort instead of pleasure. On one hand, you are always apprehensive to go for a surgery and on the other you don’t want to stay the way you are.

It is quite natural that you will be worried and would want to get an assurance on the procedures to treat the condition.

You of course want to have proper sexual intercourse and also know that once the condition is treated, it won’t ever return. Fortunately, advancements in technology have made it possible to treat Peyronie’s disease. Scientists have successfully developed various penis devices that can considerably reduce curvatures.

The very many penis extenders you find on the internet that are sold for the purpose of extending the penis, were actually developed for reducing penis curvatures. After certain trial sessions, it was found out that these extenders also increases penis size by inches.

Research Of Traction Devices For Treatment

A Specialist Practitioner of Urology at the Bristol Royal Infirmary, Wendy Hurn in her research paper ‘Treatment of Penile Retraction in Evolutive Peyronie’s Disease with External Penis-Stretching’concluded that SizeGenetics’ Male Traction Device was a better alternative for correcting penile curvature than surgery.

She divided a group of 22 men, their ages ranging from 18 yrs to 78 yrs, into two groups. They were all suffering from Peyronie’s disease. One group consisted of people who had stretched penis lengths of less than 12.5cm. The other group with greater than 12.5cm stretched penis lengths.

Wendy advised people in both groups to wear SizeGenetics device for a period of 3 months, average of 5 hours a day. Once the 3-month period was over, Hurn measured the stretched penis lengths. She noticed an average increase of 0.8-2.3cm in penis length and also a 20% reduction in penile curvature.

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Hurn is not the only one to say that ‘Our data shows that penis-stretching is effective in Peyronie’s disease treatment, especially at the stage of severe penile retraction.’ There are many others who are of the same opinion.

Let’s take for example the study – Can an External Penis Stretcher Reduce Peyronie’s Penile Curvature, published by the International Journal of Impotence Research. All the 8 participants in their 50’s, who were instructed to wear the penis extender at four hours a day for 3-6 months, had their penile curvature reduced by an average of 14 degrees. They never felt any discomfort.

Another study found that, even after a year, the penis was in that reduced curvature state. These are quite positive signs.

Male Edge Will Help For Sure

Extenders like the Male Edge use a method similar to that of orthopedic surgery. It applies traction to the penile part, corpora cavernosa, located inside the penis. When pressure is applied, the cells situated in and around the wall, break away and start replicating too. Your penis increases in size as these cells replicate and accumulate in mass.

The good news is that, these extenders can be worn throughout the day and you would not experience any chaffing, reduction in blood flow or any pain. You will be at comfort with the device. This is mainly because good penis extenders have 16-way comfort design and are made of Type 1 materials reviewed by the Medical Device Directive.

Thus, quality penis devices can actually treat your penile curvature. Within 6 months you will notice a difference in the shape. You must go for the devices approved by surgeons and supported by clinical trials and case studies. It is vital that you do your own research before buying any penis extender device to cure any penile curvature.

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