The principle of the Phallosan Forte

phallosan-fortePhallosan Forte works according to a principle that is new to our western civilization, although in actual fact it is an old technique that has already been practiced by primitive peoples for many centuries: Successive stretching stimulates the formation of new cells in the penis, causing it to increase in length and girth.

Reason: The human body has a mechanism – used for healing injuries – which forms new cells when exposed to constant stimulation. This mechanism was first recognized by primitive peoples and used for cult purposes such as ear, lip and penis extension.

Present-day medicine uses this method of stretching the skin to create, for example, skin flaps for transplantation or a cavity to accommodate a breast implant with the aid of a so-called expander after breast removal.

Phallosan Forte combines this ancient and effective technique with modern technology. After longer periods of application the vacuum created by tension results in an increase in penis length and girth – entirely without surgery. The procedure is painless and completely safe from a medical point of view. Furthermore, clinical tests have proven that penis enlargement is beneficial for various other indications.

Phallosan in a clinical study

In early 2004 it was decided to carry out a clinical study of penis enlargement. The study, in which a Phallosan orthopedic stretch belt was used, began in July 2004 under the supervision of a urologist.At the beginning of the study the penis length and circumference were measured in a flaccid and erect state, simulated by an even tension. The results were documented in pictures, while safeguarding the anonymity of the test persons. After a three-month test period we are pleased to publish an excerpt from the first impressive results:

  Penis girth  Penis length
when flaccid 
Penis length
when erect
Wearing time
Wearing time
Initial size 3.34 in 1.88 in 4.13 in 5-6 hrs. 5 days
after 3 months 4.13 in 2.2 in 4.72 in    
Result +0.79  in +0.32 in +0.59 in    
Initial size 3.74 in 2.63 in 4.01 in 8-10 hrs. 6 days
after 3 months 4.52 in 3.54 in 5.51 in    
Result +0.78 in +0.91 in +1.5 in  
Initial size 4.33 in 3.34 in 5.7 in 8-10 hrs. 7 days
after 3 months 5.31 in 4.01 in 6.29 in    
Result +0.98 in +0.67 in +0.59 in    
Initial size 3.93 in 4.25 in 5.74 in 8 hrs. 6 days
after 3 months 5.31 in 4.52 in 6.29 in    
Result +1.38 in +0.27 in +0.55 in    

These results are authentic, true and reproducible at any time. All measurements were taken personally by a urologist in the presence of witnesses.

The painless transmission of forces of the stretch belt is one of the key factors of Phallosan’s success. The same degree of success could hardly be achieved in this short time by stretching apparatus involving slings or loops.

Using Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte is child’s play to use. You’ll be surprised how fast and simple Phallosan is attached. Phallosan is the gentle way to penis enlargement. Simple, fast and discreet!

Phallosan Forte was developed for non-surgical enlargement of the penis. The process is also recommended for the treatment of slight erectile dysfunction, incurvate penis and retractio penis.

The success of Phallosan is based on a simple, non-surgical, painless (atraumatic) extension of the penis and the cavernous bodies within it. You can read my review of Phallosan Forte here. With longer periods of use it results in a permanent increase in length and girth.

The procedure exploits the phenomenon of cell and tissue building in response to mechanical stretching as practiced in medicine or known from ethnological sources, e.g. the enlargement of earlobes, lips or of the penis in African or Indian ethnic groups.

Leg extension is a procedure that has been familiar to orthopedic circles for more than 20 years. Following surgical transsection of the bone, the leg is subjected to systematic controlled stretching. The procedure employs a threaded system with which the leg is extended millimeter by millimeter.

Not only does this stimulate the creation of new bone cells, it also generates connective and muscle tissue without damaging the nerves and blood vessels. By this procedure the length can be increased by several centimeters.

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