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Jes Extender Review – Great gains if done right

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Review summary:

This is the original penis extender that where develpoed in the 90's by Doctor Jørgen Ege from Denmark. The extender was a bit of a coincident since they where not aiming to make a product that would increase your penis size.
silver version of Jes Extender
Jes Extender Benefits:

  • Increase penis size by up to 25%
  • Increase penis with by up to 20%
  • Helps you get stronger erections
  • Helps you avoid premature ejaculation

jes extender

User Rating: 3.5 (49 votes)

One of the universal requirements to prove a man`s virility is his ability to satisfy a woman. The size of one`s penis plays a major role in this action.

Since times immemorial, there have been many ways and methods to improve your penis size, making it bigger and with better girth.

I am here going to explain in detail from my tedious research about one such method that is being talked about as the most successful Penis Enlargement technique.

Based on the conventional ‘Jelqing’ procedure, Jes Extender is a device that increases your penis size permanently by providing constant traction when used.

Before delving into the facts, I just want to pass a gentle reminder that the market is flooded with products and methods to increase penis size and to find the right one is very cumbersome.

I have done 80% of your work on eradicating your penis enlargement problem. I am just publishing the result of my research in the below content.

What results can I expect to gain:

jes extender gains

This is based on an averege of users who has used the extender for 6 months.

jes extender

What is a Jes Extender?

silver version of Jes ExtenderJes Extender basically caters to problems such as small penis, less girth and also eradicates Peyronie’s disease (excessive curvature of penis). Whatever the cause maybe, Jes Extender needs to be used over a period of time to address them.

The extender is a simple device that holds your penis at two ends (top and bottom), on both of which are connected through extension rods that can be adjusted in lengths. Effectively, the extenders accelerate tissue growth on the penis by traction. This is a process with absolutely nil side effects when administered thoroughly.

Gold version of Jes ExtenderAnother major advantage is that when used, unlike other products, people around you won`t even realize the presence of an ‘extender’ on your penis.

But a word of caution needs to be spread at this juncture. Firstly, using Jes Extender can become addictive. Secondly, in order to have quick results, using Jes with ‘more tension and less time’ can sometimes lead to damage of the tissues and cells in the penis.

How does Jes Extender Work?

As stated earlier, the extender primarily provides tension to your penis when put on. So, a constant tension, on a daily basis on your penis will make the tissues in your penis stretch.

how does it work

As shown in the video in their official website, when stretched constantly, the cells that make up the penis` tissue multiply to become twice their original population in order to balance the strain developed on them.

Jes Extender can actually be used anytime of the day and for any number of hours according to your convenience. Perfect combination of the time it is on along with the tension administered will give the best results.

There are actually no strict rules on the amount of traction and complicated procedures like posture to use, right time to administer etc. There are detailed instructions in the kit and furthermore, a blog has been set up in the official website where people who have tried and succeeded have posted the proper ways and means to administer Jes Extender for correct results.

What does all this mean for me?

To someone who has been cribbing and cringing about a small penis, this is a blessing in disguise. Jes Extender actually is an acceleration/evolution of a natural process. So, it is way better than surgical procedures. Further, it does not have any side effects that thwart your sexual life making it an easy, cheap and efficient way to improve your penis size.

Secondly, the entire ‘treatment’ can be undergone secretively without the knowledge of anyone around you. This is a boon for people who do not want to ‘flaunt’ their small penis and feel inferior about taking a remedy to rectify it.


Further there are six variants, priced according to their nature that would suit a wide range of customers. The entry variant costs just $249 with the basic ingredients and instruction manual CD. The other variants include a complete set, extended bars made of gold, silver and platinum!! For those who place class in front of every product, Jes Extender does give you various options.

Evidence is the key

When I browsed through the Internet, I found an interesting experiment presented in the 1st International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery. According to this study, an average sample of men was made to use Jes Extender and the results over a period of time were overwhelming.

The average growth of penis was about 28% with some of them experiencing about 40% growth. This study included cases of small penis with normal erectile capacity without any penile surgery. The treatment period was 12 hours daily, 7 days a week, 8 to 24 weeks and the tensile force was 0 – 2 weeks – 900-1000 g 2-24 weeks – 1000-1200 g.

Any search about ‘penis enlargement’ in the Internet or medical history brings you to the Jelqing technique that has been in practice for many years as a successful treatment procedure. Since Jes Extender is based on the Jelqing principle, it becomes all the more successful.

Customer Feedback

The official website of Jes Extender has a forum where people have shared their results and prospective customers have had their doubts cleared. I spent a lot of time reading and recording every ‘voice’ and I am going to summarize the results here.

More than 96% of the people, who have tried out Jes Extender, have posted positive experiences of getting their penis grow more than the expected outcome. In fact, there are also before and after photos that prove their statements and extol the image of Jes Extender and the Jelqing technique.

Overall feedback is extremely positive and users from throughout the world state that Jes Extender is indeed worth the buy.

Negative Feedback

As a negative feedback, I read about one customer who stated that he experienced extreme pain while using Jes Extender. But then he also stated that he directly went to 1200 g in the beginning itself in order to obtain quicker results.

Lesson learnt: Please be patient in letting the process take control by itself. Forcing it by increasing tension with lesser time can lead to permanent damage of penis tissues.

Advantages that you get with the Jes Extender

  1. When you use the Jes Extender, longer and wider penis results will be guaranteed.
  2. If you have suffered from penile dysfunctions or other disorders, the Jes Extender has proven to be effective in correcting these problems.
  3. After securing the Jes Extender on the penis, your blood flow will increase that assist in stimulating and enduring erections.
  4. You will immediately boost your sexual stamina, and the noticeable size will increase your level of confidence and esteem.
  5. The Jes Extender is a user friendly tool with detailed information to learn how to utilize it to get the best results of a full-size and sizeable penis.


Jes Extender is definitely worth a try since it works out the penis anomalies through natural remedies. Further, the variants and the price suit a wide range of customers.

Further, there are proven records that speak about its performance and scientific explanation that adds to its advantage. It can be used any point of the day (minimum of 11 hours for best results) without being exposed. All these make it a worthy buy.

1000-hour double refund of money

Another big news is that Jes Extender has a refund policy attached to every buy. Buy the product; use the training manual that comes with the product. Update your progress weekly (with photographs) in their website and if there is no improvement even after 1000 hours of usage, claim double the money you spent on buying the product.

This makes Jes Extender the best solution to your penis enlargement problems.
jes extender

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  1. Hi There,
    I have an older make with the silicone tube to strap down the penis, I see the new version has a different strapping system
    Am I able to buy the end bit of the new extender and interchange it with my old extender it looks more comfortable!

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