Why Penis Pumps Don’t Work

Men that are interested in increasing the length of their penis may go to any lengths to find the right method and right equipment to do so. The penis pump has been around for years and has been tried by millions of men over that time, but historically has had little to no positive growth results to show for. The penis pump is a device that uses vacuum pressure to increase the flow of blood to the penis. In theory, this should work; however, the device provides a temporary enlargement that goes away almost immediately.

One of the least favorite results of the penis pump is that it can numb the penis. This is not a feeling that most men want to experience. It can be especially uncomfortable and can possibly harm the penis. The pump has also been known to cause painful ejaculations after its use.

Some feel that the pump is best used directly before having sex. However, with so many problems and a complete lack of spontaneity, the pump is often discarded altogether. The worst types of injuries that a man can experience from using this type of device are scars, ruptured capillaries, blisters and even bleeding. While you are welcome to try a penis pump, do so completely warned. There are better and more modern solutions to penis enlargement and for the most part, the penis pump should only be seen as a humorous novelty. Look into medical devices that provide slow, comfortable traction for the penis. This type of device is more commonly used and suggested by medical professionals.

Common Food Choices that Surprisingly Promote Penis Enlargement

Most men are getting interested on enhancing their manhood as it boosts their masculinity and self-confidence as well. With this, there are plenty of penis enlargement methods that men could use.

However, some methods are providing negative effects to the organ such as experiencing adverse reactions, feeling severe pain, and developing a potentially disfigured penis. These effects will end up to serious issues like impotence, loss of sex drive and spend a big fortune.

In order to prevent these things from happening, men can try natural methods of enhancing their manhood. Most researchers suggested that men should follow natural methods in enhancing their tools because it is the only way to increase the penis size safely and worry-free.

One natural intervention that men should do in order to have a bigger and stiffer manhood is by adding beneficial and healthy food choices in their diet.

These foods are highly regarded to be included in every meal because of their properties that work directly towards enhancing the penis size of men. It is believed that these foods help promote increasing the flow of blood into the penis, resulting into expansion of muscle tissues and facilitating penis enlargement in men.

Moreover, it will also help generate the well-being of the body as well. Listed below are some of the common foods that surprisingly helpful in increasing one’s penis size.

Let’s take a look at some of the foods

  • Cayenne Pepper. This exotic spice is not just only added on grilled chicken breasts or combined on chili sauce, it is also best in enhancing the size of the penis for men.
    This kind of pepper enhances blood circulation and boosts the metabolism of the body. Although the taste is not very pleasing, the health benefits are very outstanding.
  • Gingko Biloba. For those who got plans of improving their sexual health and have their penis enhanced, then this herbal plant must be included in their daily diet. Gingko is known to enhance blood circulation throughout the body.
    It also boosts sexual stamina in men, as well as playing a significant role in other parts of the body.
  • Ginger. For individuals who have weak immune system and poor penis erection, drinking ginger ale will help improve these deteriorating conditions. Ginger provides a lot of beneficial effects to the body.
    It does not only increase the flow of blood to the penis, but it also facilitates adequate blood circulation throughout the body. Moreover, it also contains fat-burning properties. Men will probably enjoy lean and fit physique with a large manhood beneath their pants.
  • Dark Chocolate. This guilty pleasure is not just to please all walks of life. Dark chocolates are also known in boosting one’s sexual drive and increase blood flow to all parts of the body.
    Dark chocolate contains flavonol, which is responsible for increasing one’s libido. The most recommended dark chocolate to take is the one with a high concentration of cacao and low amount of sugar.
    On the other hand, dark chocolates are known to have antioxidants. However, it should be eaten in moderation as it contains tons of calories.

Final thought

While eating these foods mentioned, it is best to partner it with penis exercises. This will complement the effects of foods to the organ, thus providing strong and stiff erections. This will surely facilitate successful penis enlargement in men.

All the foods should be eaten while you use a penis extender or another form of enlargement methods.

food + penis extender


Are Height and Penis Size Related

Other articles have recognized that there is no correlation between penis size and weight. Men who are overweight and then lose that weight believe they see changes in the size of their penises because of the body fat that used to distort their vision. It was all an illusion.

Here, we question the idea of height affecting penis size. This is in fact a very old question. Many people say it is crazy to wonder about such a thing, but it’s really not.

As the body is assumed to be height and weight proportional, it is not surprising that people want to put height and penis length together. As such, it would only seem normal for a tall person to have parts (in this case, the penis) that are similar in length and/or size.

To set the record straight, height does not determine penis size or length. This theory is just another notion created by individuals to explain the variation in penis sizes. Over time, people have devised an assortment of ways to correctly measure penis size.

Some of these people have looked at hand size as a way of measuring the penis, and others have tried to do the same by viewing either the eyes or the nose. Then there are others who look at the size of the foot.

In 2002, a study on men with foot sizes 8 -13 was conducted and posted in The English Journal of Urology. For the research, more than 100 men were selected. The study discovered no link between foot size and penis size.

The evaluation failed to emphasize height, but the conclusion derived if the study was redone is more than likely to be the same because body length and the length of the foot correlate to the bones’ weights.

If it were necessary to compare the penis to a body part, then the appendages would be the most appropriate measurement tools since penis size and limb size are dictated by the same genes. Even so, there is no evidence that the size of the limbs influences the size of the penis.