Why Penis Pumps Don’t Work

Men that are interested in increasing the length of their penis may go to any lengths to find the right method and right equipment to do so. The penis pump has been around for years and has been tried by millions of men over that time, but historically has had little to no positive growth results to show for. The penis pump is a device that uses vacuum pressure to increase the flow of blood to the penis. In theory, this should work; however, the device provides a temporary enlargement that goes away almost immediately.

One of the least favorite results of the penis pump is that it can numb the penis. This is not a feeling that most men want to experience. It can be especially uncomfortable and can possibly harm the penis. The pump has also been known to cause painful ejaculations after its use.

Some feel that the pump is best used directly before having sex. However, with so many problems and a complete lack of spontaneity, the pump is often discarded altogether. The worst types of injuries that a man can experience from using this type of device are scars, ruptured capillaries, blisters and even bleeding. While you are welcome to try a penis pump, do so completely warned. There are better and more modern solutions to penis enlargement and for the most part, the penis pump should only be seen as a humorous novelty. Look into medical devices that provide slow, comfortable traction for the penis. This type of device is more commonly used and suggested by medical professionals.

Common Food Choices that Surprisingly Promote Penis Enlargement

Most men are getting interested on enhancing their manhood as it boosts their masculinity and self-confidence as well. With this, there are plenty of penis enlargement methods that men could use.

However, some methods are providing negative effects to the organ such as experiencing adverse reactions, feeling severe pain, and developing a potentially disfigured penis. These effects will end up to serious issues like impotence, loss of sex drive and spend a big fortune.

In order to prevent these things from happening, men can try natural methods of enhancing their manhood. Most researchers suggested that men should follow natural methods in enhancing their tools because it is the only way to increase the penis size safely and worry-free.

One natural intervention that men should do in order to have a bigger and stiffer manhood is by adding beneficial and healthy food choices in their diet.

These foods are highly regarded to be included in every meal because of their properties that work directly towards enhancing the penis size of men. It is believed that these foods help promote increasing the flow of blood into the penis, resulting into expansion of muscle tissues and facilitating penis enlargement in men.

Moreover, it will also help generate the well-being of the body as well. Listed below are some of the common foods that surprisingly helpful in increasing one’s penis size.

Let’s take a look at some of the foods

  • Cayenne Pepper. This exotic spice is not just only added on grilled chicken breasts or combined on chili sauce, it is also best in enhancing the size of the penis for men.
    This kind of pepper enhances blood circulation and boosts the metabolism of the body. Although the taste is not very pleasing, the health benefits are very outstanding.
  • Gingko Biloba. For those who got plans of improving their sexual health and have their penis enhanced, then this herbal plant must be included in their daily diet. Gingko is known to enhance blood circulation throughout the body.
    It also boosts sexual stamina in men, as well as playing a significant role in other parts of the body.
  • Ginger. For individuals who have weak immune system and poor penis erection, drinking ginger ale will help improve these deteriorating conditions. Ginger provides a lot of beneficial effects to the body.
    It does not only increase the flow of blood to the penis, but it also facilitates adequate blood circulation throughout the body. Moreover, it also contains fat-burning properties. Men will probably enjoy lean and fit physique with a large manhood beneath their pants.
  • Dark Chocolate. This guilty pleasure is not just to please all walks of life. Dark chocolates are also known in boosting one’s sexual drive and increase blood flow to all parts of the body.
    Dark chocolate contains flavonol, which is responsible for increasing one’s libido. The most recommended dark chocolate to take is the one with a high concentration of cacao and low amount of sugar.
    On the other hand, dark chocolates are known to have antioxidants. However, it should be eaten in moderation as it contains tons of calories.

Final thought

While eating these foods mentioned, it is best to partner it with penis exercises. This will complement the effects of foods to the organ, thus providing strong and stiff erections. This will surely facilitate successful penis enlargement in men.

All the foods should be eaten while you use a penis extender or another form of enlargement methods.

food + penis extender


Are Height and Penis Size Related

Other articles have recognized that there is no correlation between penis size and weight. Men who are overweight and then lose that weight believe they see changes in the size of their penises because of the body fat that used to distort their vision. It was all an illusion.

Here, we question the idea of height affecting penis size. This is in fact a very old question. Many people say it is crazy to wonder about such a thing, but it’s really not.

As the body is assumed to be height and weight proportional, it is not surprising that people want to put height and penis length together. As such, it would only seem normal for a tall person to have parts (in this case, the penis) that are similar in length and/or size.

To set the record straight, height does not determine penis size or length. This theory is just another notion created by individuals to explain the variation in penis sizes. Over time, people have devised an assortment of ways to correctly measure penis size.

Some of these people have looked at hand size as a way of measuring the penis, and others have tried to do the same by viewing either the eyes or the nose. Then there are others who look at the size of the foot.

In 2002, a study on men with foot sizes 8 -13 was conducted and posted in The English Journal of Urology. For the research, more than 100 men were selected. The study discovered no link between foot size and penis size.

The evaluation failed to emphasize height, but the conclusion derived if the study was redone is more than likely to be the same because body length and the length of the foot correlate to the bones’ weights.

If it were necessary to compare the penis to a body part, then the appendages would be the most appropriate measurement tools since penis size and limb size are dictated by the same genes. Even so, there is no evidence that the size of the limbs influences the size of the penis.


The Problem of Penile Curvature and its Treatment

penis-stretcherMany people suffer from the problems of a curved penis. Penile curvatures are quite a tricky business and this problem is present in many males and is more info common than you can imagine.

It can happen to anyone even when you are below 50 and want to enjoy sex to the fullest. People suffer from penile curvatures even at the age 18. The age just does not matter. It can affect you at any stage of your life.

Accidental injury to the penis can cause this problem. Curvatures, if left untreated, can be real bothersome. Some people have the curve since birth or develop it at puberty when “Johnny starts playing!”

What Exactly Is A Penile Curvature

Penile curvatures are described by the existence of one or more scars/fibrous plaques just along the penis shaft. They are generally present on either the upper or the lower sides of the organ. The resultant angulations can range from 10° – 45°. In some case, the angle is so deep that the penis takes the form of a ‘J’.

This condition, if present, can be a cause of worry as far as intercourse is concerned. It is very difficult to insert a curved penis inside a vagina and women hate curved penises as they cause tremendous discomfort instead of pleasure. On one hand, you are always apprehensive to go for a surgery and on the other you don’t want to stay the way you are.

It is quite natural that you will be worried and would want to get an assurance on the procedures to treat the condition.

You of course want to have proper sexual intercourse and also know that once the condition is treated, it won’t ever return. Fortunately, advancements in technology have made it possible to treat Peyronie’s disease. Scientists have successfully developed various penis devices that can considerably reduce curvatures.

The very many penis extenders you find on the internet that are sold for the purpose of extending the penis, were actually developed for reducing penis curvatures. After certain trial sessions, it was found out that these extenders also increases penis size by inches.

Research Of Traction Devices For Treatment

A Specialist Practitioner of Urology at the Bristol Royal Infirmary, Wendy Hurn in her research paper ‘Treatment of Penile Retraction in Evolutive Peyronie’s Disease with External Penis-Stretching’concluded that SizeGenetics’ Male Traction Device was a better alternative for correcting penile curvature than surgery.

She divided a group of 22 men, their ages ranging from 18 yrs to 78 yrs, into two groups. They were all suffering from Peyronie’s disease. One group consisted of people who had stretched penis lengths of less than 12.5cm. The other group with greater than 12.5cm stretched penis lengths.

Wendy advised people in both groups to wear SizeGenetics device for a period of 3 months, average of 5 hours a day. Once the 3-month period was over, Hurn measured the stretched penis lengths. She noticed an average increase of 0.8-2.3cm in penis length and also a 20% reduction in penile curvature.

More Information – Visit Peyroniesinformation.com

Hurn is not the only one to say that ‘Our data shows that penis-stretching is effective in Peyronie’s disease treatment, especially at the stage of severe penile retraction.’ There are many others who are of the same opinion.

Let’s take for example the study – Can an External Penis Stretcher Reduce Peyronie’s Penile Curvature, published by the International Journal of Impotence Research. All the 8 participants in their 50’s, who were instructed to wear the penis extender at four hours a day for 3-6 months, had their penile curvature reduced by an average of 14 degrees. They never felt any discomfort.

Another study found that, even after a year, the penis was in that reduced curvature state. These are quite positive signs.

Male Edge Will Help For Sure

Extenders like the Male Edge use a method similar to that of orthopedic surgery. It applies traction to the penile part, corpora cavernosa, located inside the penis. When pressure is applied, the cells situated in and around the wall, break away and start replicating too. Your penis increases in size as these cells replicate and accumulate in mass.

The good news is that, these extenders can be worn throughout the day and you would not experience any chaffing, reduction in blood flow or any pain. You will be at comfort with the device. This is mainly because good penis extenders have 16-way comfort design and are made of Type 1 materials reviewed by the Medical Device Directive.

Thus, quality penis devices can actually treat your penile curvature. Within 6 months you will notice a difference in the shape. You must go for the devices approved by surgeons and supported by clinical trials and case studies. It is vital that you do your own research before buying any penis extender device to cure any penile curvature.

Clinically Proven and Guaranteed Results

sizegeneticsMany SizeGenetics Reviews conclude that this device is one the best and unique solution for men to experience the penis enhancement click here for more information. It is also the most trusted and recommended device by many experts in this field. Claiming of results is common in all brands but delivering is what a customer wants. Where many products have failed to provide the guaranteed results, SizeGenetics has certainly shown a unique way for penis enhancement by their innovative penis enlargement device.

If you come across few SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement Reviews, you will realize that SizeGenetics not only offer penis enhancement but provides a complete package to take care of your sexual so that you have the maximum satisfaction ever.

Its unique working!

The erectile tissue that holds the blood during erections is called Copora Cavernosa. SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement device applies constant and steady traction along this tissue. The effect of this is that the constant pressure applied on the tissues ultimately will cause the tissues to split and duplication of cells. The device will be comfortable as guaranteed and since the process is long, the pain experienced will be negligible.

This will cause the enhancement of your penis length and the girth will increase in both flaccid and erect state. You can assume that pressure or traction supplied by this device is just like weight lifting or training program for your penis that will make it increase in terms of length and width. Read few SizeGenetics reviews and find out what many happy customers had to say.

SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement  – A comprehensive System!

This unique device ensures that you don’t need to worry anymore about your sex life and the satisfaction that you are looking for. This is an extremely comfortable traction-based device and the package comes with a DVD which will guide you to use the device, you also get a travel case and a beautiful leather casing, plus 2-months supply of MaleExtra pills that ensure the speed of enhancement up to 58%.

The interesting thing is that you also get access to Exclusive PenisHealth Members’ Area. You also get a DVD pair of better sex guide and online access to contents like Lovecentria. SizeGenetics penis enlargement device is an extremely unique product which will bring a wonderful change in your sexual life so that you enjoy the maximum with your partner.

It’s build around the original Jes Extender that you can read more about here.

Homemade Penis Enlarger

Making your very own penis enlargement device may be hazardous to your health. Do not believe what you read online or what your friends have said. The fact of the matter is: it’s just not worth taking the risk of suffering permanent damage on your penis. The structures within the penis can easily be torn by too much traction. This results in a long but damaged and ineffective penis. What use is having achieved the size you want, but lack the ability to use it? Surely there must be a better way to do this safely and effectively.

Treat yourself with a device that is superior, medically approved and most of all field-tested to provide the results you want. A bevy of penis stretchers have been reviewed and the best among them is drum roll…. SizeGenetics System.

How Does Static Stretchers Work

Here is a little bit of information about how penis enlargement or penis stretchers work. These devices are designed to continuously apply a certain amount of stretching to the penis. They work by utilizing traction by using bars placed between the base of the penis and the penile head where a band may be attached.

The most common design of home-produced penis stretchers makes use of two plates with long bolts or screws holding them from one another. If you manipulate the screws, the distance between them is altered. At one area it is held to the body by pressure, while the other end is connected to the glans penis by a loop or piercing across the corona. In the case of a scrotal stretcher, an end plate utilizes a hole where the testicles are put as a form of backing.

What Are The Best Options For A Penis Stretcher?

Homemade Means RISK

As you can see, it is pretty medieval stuff when it comes to homemade penis stretchers. The probability of injuring yourself is very much assured if you resort to doing this on your own. Invest in a device that is proven safe, effective and is recommended by professionals.




A new form of non-invasive treatment (Phallosan) of induratio penis plastica (IPP)


As a disease of the penis, induratio penis plastica is difficult to treat. With increasing severity it makes sexual intercourse painful or even prevents it. To date, the exact pathogenesis of IPP has not been fully explained.

istopathological studies show that a major cause is a disruption of collagen metabolism. Increased synthesis of Type III collagen was determined (this may be responsible for plaque formation) [1].

Surgical treatment of IPP does not achieve the desired result in all patients. As an alternative, several non-surgical forms of therapy were developed over the past few years. In a clinical study involving a total of 130 patients, 21 patients were treated with ultrasonic waves, 73 patients with Verapamil injections and 36 patients with ultrasonic waves in combination with Verapamil injections [2].

In 11 of 21 patients the plaques were reduced by the ultrasonic wave treatment. Although the authors recommend the treatment with ultrasound and Verapamil, the results of the combination therapy are not convincing.

Another study was able to show that the injection of betamethasone or placebo reduced the volume of plaque in 40% of the patients examined [3]. In this study it was thus only possible to identify the mechanical effect of the injection volume as the actual effective mechanism. This study encouraged us to investigate a completely non-invasive procedure for the treatment of IPP that is described in the following case.

Case history:

A 61 year-old patient has been receiving urological treatment for IPP since late 1999 without success. The patient has regularly attended the medical clinic for the purpose of monitoring a case of colitis ulcerosa and a constant microscopic hematuria. From a medical point of view the ulcerative colitis was in remission and kidney function normal.

Because the patient would not consent to an operation to correct the IPP, it was suggested he undergo a new non-invasive therapy. This showed remarkable results after only a few months. The patient was eager to see the results of his successful treatment published and gave his written consent.

He was acquainted with a heavy-duty bell condom (Phallosan). The principle of the bell condom is based on gentle but constant stretching of the penis (Fig. 1). In a lateral position, various degrees of tension can be exerted on the penis in one direction (Fig. 2).

For a more detailed description of the new product see the manufacturer’s instructions for use (http://www.phallosan.de). The latter sets out all hitherto known aspects of fitting and wearing of the heavy-duty bell condom and provides important tips for hygienic application.

The patient was instructed to wear the bell condom – initially for four to five hours daily – and to set the tension in the opposite direction of the penis curvature. Before the start of the treatment his penis was strongly curved as shown in Fig. 3a. Sexual intercourse had not been possible for several months.

Only 14 weeks into the treatment in which Phallosan was worn on average 4.5 hours (2.5–7.0) per day a degree of straightening of the penis was to be observed (Fig. 3b). The patient was able to engage in sexual intercourse for the first time in many months. After a further six months the curvature was substantially reduced (Fig. 3c).

The patient was delighted with the results and since its sexual function had been returned to normal he no longer considered the possibility of straightening the penis by surgery. No side-effects were experienced from the use of the bell condom. A rarely occurring reddening at the head of the penis disappeared after interrupting the therapy for a day. Although the patient now wears the bell condom only every other day for 3 to 4 hours, the success of the treatment has lasted until the present day – two years after the start.

Summary and outlook:

The heavy-duty bell condom (Phallosan, you can read more about it here) enables a new and completely non-invasive treatment of IPP. A straightening and normalization of the sexual function can be achieved by exerting tension on the penis for several hours a day in the direction opposite the curvature. Further studies with a larger number of cases will be necessary to determine whether the heavy-duty bell condom is also capable of remedying other types of erectile dysfunction. Reports by diabetics with erectile dysfunction and paraplegic patients are so far very encouraging.

1. Bichler KH, Lahme S, Mattauch W, Petri E: Collagen metabolism in induratio penis plastica (IPP). Urologist A. 1998; 37: 306-11
2. Mirone V, Imbimbo C, Palmieri A, Fuso F: Our experience on the association of a new physical and medical therapy in patients suffering from induratio penis plastica.
Eur Urol. 1999; 36: 327-30
3. Cipollone G, Nicolai M, Mastroprimiano G, Iantoro R, Longeri D, Tenaglia R: Betamethasone versus placebo in Peyronie’s disease. Arch Ital Urol Androl. 1998; 70:165-8

Author :
The author is known to the HGB AG and will be communicated after concrete inquiry.

Advantages on Using Penis Extenders

Advantages on Using Penis ExtendersThe Benefits On Using A Penis Stretcher Device

Male users have given 5 star rating to Sizegenetics for its amazing and effective penis enlargement results. People born with smaller penis are advised to use penis extenders reviews for enjoying full sexual pleasure.

Penis stretchers help males to enhance the size and girth of their penis. Bigger penis males are considered to enjoy more sexual pleasure when compared to small penis one.

Why Is A Long Penis So Important?

Thickness and length of the penis is important for continued strokes that offer full sexual pleasure to the woman during sexual intercourse. Men with smaller penis are often insulted by women for their ineffectiveness in sexual intercourse.

Therefore, men depend on penis extenders to enhance their male size. Such men can read Sizegenetics Reviews that offer important information about how to choose the right penis extender for continued use and sexual pleasure. Men can wear Sizegenetics Devices continuously for up to 8 hours.

Penis extenders help men to achieve better sexual performance and erection. Traction devices are provided to enlarge the penis by continuously expanding the penile cells. Sizegenetics is tested to ensure precise tension during application. It is one of the best penis extenders available in the market. It comes with unique comfort system for prolonged use.

The company offers 2 DVDs along with the sizegenetics system for improving sex life. Other DVD offered with the kit consists of well known and tried exercises to enhance your sexual experience.

Also Very Effective For Penile Curvature Treatment

Sizegenetcs helps the users to extend penis size by few inches. Sizegenetics are said to cure penis curvatures by up to 70%. The Sizegenetics Extender offers you the comfort, safety and tension when compared to other penis extenders available in the market.

People are advised to read online reviews like provide on this site that offer insight into the success stories of many men, who actually enjoyed good orgasm with this penis extender.

Things to Consider Before Going for Penis Enlargement

There are a lot of penis enlargement techniques. You can take pills, use devices, resort to exercises or simply go for a surgery. No matter which enlargement method you finally choose, you first have to know the pros and cons of each method/technique/device.

Then you will best know what you actually need. You may not need to take pills, only a few massage techniques might give you result. Thus, why spend money on something that you can easily get ‘free-hand’? The first step is awareness. Are you aware of the methods/techniques/devices available to you?

Are you aware of your own body? Are you aware of any weaknesses inside you? Are you aware of the pros and cons of each enlargement method?

Research Before Purchase

Research is vital. Then consult a doctor and explain your need. She will give you the best advice. Every man desires a long, thick penis. It is both for pleasure-giving and pleasure-taking.

However, numerous companies, in order to exploit this need, make false claims and use strong marketing strategies to promote their products. The truth is, most of them are scams.

They promise a lot of things but ultimately end up damaging your system or your libido. Though most the pills do increase the blood flow to your sex organ, they simply give a feel that your penis has grown bigger when you are erect.

Traction Is The Key

The only product that can make your penis bigger is the traction device. It has been medically proven though the effects were discovered accidentally. These devices were originally used by men recovering from penis enlargement surgeries.

However, it was found out that their penis sizes have increased in addition to the increase brought about by surgery. Later it was used independently and the results were always positive. Sounds great


Are Penis Stretchers Effective Traction Devices Reviewed

sizegenetics-comfortPenis stretching devices have been around for more than 10 years. For many men who wish to make their penis bigger, this has proven to be a safe and effective method. It is also relatively cheap and pain-free which is why it is the desired method for most men.

How does the penis stretcher device work?

The penis stretcher devices are actually medical devices that need to be worn on the penis when it is flaccid. The device exerts a constant pulling or stretching force on the penis which causes it to enlarge. Here’s how it works: the constant pull on the penis causes the cells to multiply. This means that the penis grows bigger. More cells mean that there is increased blood flow to the penis which leads to bigger erections.

The device is designed in such a way that it can be worn comfortably under your clothes. They don’t interfere with your regular activities, which is great since they have to worn for six to eight hours in a day.

What are the best penis stretcher devices in the market?

There are many types of penis stretcher devices available in the market. There are cheap devices that might prove to be ineffective and even harmful in some cases. There are also devices that have undergone rigorous clinical tests to prove that they are safe to use and effective.

The devices which are graded as certified type 1 medical devices are the most effective. People who have used these have experienced up to 30% increase in size. There are also devices which have the European CE mark. This indicates that the device has passed the strict safety and effectiveness standards of the European Union. Such devices are more costly, but they are well worth the money because they offer proven results. Most devices come with a comfort strap and have lots of padding to ensure that they can be worn comfortably for six to eight hours.

Medically Backed And Certified – A Full SizeGenetics Review

Penis stretchers are better option

If you want to go for exercises there is always the chance that by doing them wrong, you might not get any results that you can read more about in my SizeGenetics review. This is not the case with10 penis stretchers because there is no wrong way to use them.

The Average Penis Lengt and the Myth Surrounds It

Here’s something that most guys would love to know about, but they all too afraid to ask: just what is the average penis size of the men of the world? Usually, those that wonder about such a thing are those that feel a little bit insecure about the size of their manhood. While the size of the penis does not dictate the overall sexual performance of that person, it does matter to some women. Plus, packing a big one down there can also increase the self-confidence of said person. As for the answer to the question above, you’re going to have to read the next paragraph.

The Results Of Clinical Studies

According to studies released by the Journal of Urology, which was done in conjunction with the International Journal of Impotence Research, it was found that the average erect length of penis ranges from 5 to 5.5 inches. Remember, these are academic studies done by experts in the field. So there’s no reason to doubt the result. But in case you are wondering how they did the research, the subjects were measured while they are standing with the penile shaft erected.

You now know that the average erect penis size is between 5 to 5.5 inches, but how about the average penis girth? The girth, of course, refers to the width of the penis. Fortunately, the studies have also measured the average penis girth. It was found that the average circumference of the penis is between 4.5 to 5 inches.

Does The Race Matter?

As for the myth that the size of the penis is closely related to the race of the person, it may not be true at all. Popular culture would have us believe that those of African descent are blessed with larger penis, as for those of Asian descent are not that lucky down below. There’s really no truth to these claims. The fact of the matter is, the size of the penis is dispersed well amongst the men of the world. Studies didn’t find any correlation between penis size and race.

What Is More Important For Women

The studies have also uncovered some interesting findings regarding what exactly what women prefer. While it was found that the length of the penis play an important role in helping the women reach sexual satisfaction, it was the girth of the penis that play a more important role. From 400 of women surveyed, most said that girth is important than the length of the penis.


The principle of the Phallosan Forte

phallosan-fortePhallosan Forte works according to a principle that is new to our western civilization, although in actual fact it is an old technique that has already been practiced by primitive peoples for many centuries: Successive stretching stimulates the formation of new cells in the penis, causing it to increase in length and girth.

Reason: The human body has a mechanism – used for healing injuries – which forms new cells when exposed to constant stimulation. This mechanism was first recognized by primitive peoples and used for cult purposes such as ear, lip and penis extension.

Present-day medicine uses this method of stretching the skin to create, for example, skin flaps for transplantation or a cavity to accommodate a breast implant with the aid of a so-called expander after breast removal.

Phallosan Forte combines this ancient and effective technique with modern technology. After longer periods of application the vacuum created by tension results in an increase in penis length and girth – entirely without surgery. The procedure is painless and completely safe from a medical point of view. Furthermore, clinical tests have proven that penis enlargement is beneficial for various other indications.

Phallosan in a clinical study

In early 2004 it was decided to carry out a clinical study of penis enlargement. The study, in which a Phallosan orthopedic stretch belt was used, began in July 2004 under the supervision of a urologist.At the beginning of the study the penis length and circumference were measured in a flaccid and erect state, simulated by an even tension. The results were documented in pictures, while safeguarding the anonymity of the test persons. After a three-month test period we are pleased to publish an excerpt from the first impressive results:

  Penis girth  Penis length
when flaccid 
Penis length
when erect
Wearing time
Wearing time
Initial size 3.34 in 1.88 in 4.13 in 5-6 hrs. 5 days
after 3 months 4.13 in 2.2 in 4.72 in    
Result +0.79  in +0.32 in +0.59 in    
Initial size 3.74 in 2.63 in 4.01 in 8-10 hrs. 6 days
after 3 months 4.52 in 3.54 in 5.51 in    
Result +0.78 in +0.91 in +1.5 in  
Initial size 4.33 in 3.34 in 5.7 in 8-10 hrs. 7 days
after 3 months 5.31 in 4.01 in 6.29 in    
Result +0.98 in +0.67 in +0.59 in    
Initial size 3.93 in 4.25 in 5.74 in 8 hrs. 6 days
after 3 months 5.31 in 4.52 in 6.29 in    
Result +1.38 in +0.27 in +0.55 in    

These results are authentic, true and reproducible at any time. All measurements were taken personally by a urologist in the presence of witnesses.

The painless transmission of forces of the stretch belt is one of the key factors of Phallosan’s success. The same degree of success could hardly be achieved in this short time by stretching apparatus involving slings or loops.

Using Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte is child’s play to use. You’ll be surprised how fast and simple Phallosan is attached. Phallosan is the gentle way to penis enlargement. Simple, fast and discreet!

Phallosan Forte was developed for non-surgical enlargement of the penis. The process is also recommended for the treatment of slight erectile dysfunction, incurvate penis and retractio penis.

The success of Phallosan is based on a simple, non-surgical, painless (atraumatic) extension of the penis and the cavernous bodies within it. You can read my review of Phallosan Forte here. With longer periods of use it results in a permanent increase in length and girth.

The procedure exploits the phenomenon of cell and tissue building in response to mechanical stretching as practiced in medicine or known from ethnological sources, e.g. the enlargement of earlobes, lips or of the penis in African or Indian ethnic groups.

Leg extension is a procedure that has been familiar to orthopedic circles for more than 20 years. Following surgical transsection of the bone, the leg is subjected to systematic controlled stretching. The procedure employs a threaded system with which the leg is extended millimeter by millimeter.

Not only does this stimulate the creation of new bone cells, it also generates connective and muscle tissue without damaging the nerves and blood vessels. By this procedure the length can be increased by several centimeters.