Are Height and Penis Size Related

Other articles have recognized that there is no correlation between penis size and weight. Men who are overweight and then lose that weight believe they see changes in the size of their penises because of the body fat that used to distort their vision. It was all an illusion.

Here, we question the idea of height affecting penis size. This is in fact a very old question. Many people say it is crazy to wonder about such a thing, but it’s really not.

As the body is assumed to be height and weight proportional, it is not surprising that people want to put height and penis length together. As such, it would only seem normal for a tall person to have parts (in this case, the penis) that are similar in length and/or size.

To set the record straight, height does not determine penis size or length. This theory is just another notion created by individuals to explain the variation in penis sizes. Over time, people have devised an assortment of ways to correctly measure penis size.

Some of these people have looked at hand size as a way of measuring the penis, and others have tried to do the same by viewing either the eyes or the nose. Then there are others who look at the size of the foot.

In 2002, a study on men with foot sizes 8 -13 was conducted and posted in The English Journal of Urology. For the research, more than 100 men were selected. The study discovered no link between foot size and penis size.

The evaluation failed to emphasize height, but the conclusion derived if the study was redone is more than likely to be the same because body length and the length of the foot correlate to the bones’ weights.

If it were necessary to compare the penis to a body part, then the appendages would be the most appropriate measurement tools since penis size and limb size are dictated by the same genes. Even so, there is no evidence that the size of the limbs influences the size of the penis.


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